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Syndicates are designed to be the ideal situation for members to participate in a friendly environment with certainty and clarity of what to expect. Syndication is the way forward for many situations as most of have try to balance our time, money and energy between family, friends, work and hobbies.

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Homer MaDreams
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Motorhome Hire

Book one of our Winnebago motorhomes now through Camplify




“The Winnebago name is synonymous across the globe with exceptional standards of excellence, and a commitment to quality and innovation. From it’s home in Brisbane Australia, Winnebago has established itself as a leading manufacturer of motorhomes, caravans and campervans. Backed by the publicly listed Apollo Tourism & Leisure when you purchase from Winnebago you’re not buying from a family business, but a publicly listed company.”

Campervan Hire

Book one of our new Hiace Campervans now through Camplify




Brand new Hiace Campervans – custom-built and ready to go. All the reliability, comfort, and fuel economy of a brand new Toyota Hiace together with a top-quality custom-designed campervan conversion.

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Pamper Camper
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Glamper Camper
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Vanny DeVito
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Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 2

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The Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 2 was built for homologation for racing with a heavily upgraded engine, a four-speed top-loader gearbox and Detroit locker nine inch differential. It was also equipped with special brakes and handling package, plus a 36 imperial gallon (164 litres) fuel tank.

Winner of the 1970 Bathurst 500, driven by Allan Moffat, the Phase 2 was Ford’s first real success with these cars. This car has been meticulously built to be close to the 1970 race car number 64E in many ways, even the colour! The dashboard has even been signed by Allan Moffat. It is an amazing car with racing pedigree, rebuilt and ready to be driven.

Watch Ford Falcon GT Phase 2 Replica

*replica, as few genuine GTHO Phase 2’s were made, now highly collectable and rarely driven…

Chevrolet Camaro 1967

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“When Chevrolet designed a car to compete with the high-flying Mustang, they did so with great aggression and few holds barred. The 1967 was the first release of the Camaro, a muscle car that was the first with a Unit-Body construction. It was also the first year of the 350 Small Block, designed specifically to power the Camaro. In its first, highly publicized year, the Camaro was the pace car at the Indy 500, and its legend began and instantly grew.” –

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Not actual car. Courtesy of Car Sales.
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Harley Davidson Roadking Classic 2011

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A stripped-down highway legend with classic chrome styling and modern touring performance. I never pass up the chance to ride a Road King, no matter what the version. The King is, hands down, my favorite Harley-Davidson. If I could only have one bike in my garage, it would have to be a Road King.

Want to cruise around town? The King, since there are no fairings up front or hanging off the sides, is the lightest and easiest Touring model to maneuver through traffic or in a parking lot. Want to ride across the country? Just stuff some clothes into both saddlebags and you’re off. For those that prefer to have a windshield, all it takes is 60 seconds and you’re good to go. – American Iron Magazine

Holden Torana A9X

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The Torana A9X was built by Holden in 1977 to compete against the Ford Falcon hardtop in the Australian Touring Car Championship, and to hopefully deliver Holden victories in both the Championship and the annual Bathurst 1000, which it did in both 1978 and 1979. – Barn Finds 



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Not actual car. Courtesy of Barn Finds.

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